Consider time spent sleeping as a fundamental and necessary practice, devoted to physical and psychological well-being. As during the day, the postural habits and behaviours that we adopt during sleep, if not attended to correctly, may cause physical problems over time, problems mainly related to your spine being in a bad position and indeed leading to a state of general malaise. On the other hand, good habits contribute to an improvement in quality of life, it helps you wake up calmer and full of energy, it resolves the most common back and neck problems.

Beyond the development of products from an ergonomic point of view, the attention of NEW C ITALIA ocuses on the use of materials with specific qualities: from the most classic hypoallergenic fibres and fabrics, breathable polyurethanes and latexes, to the most innovative introduction of materials with special properties, such as copper and aloe vera. Your well-being is the goal, the indicator that directs the research and development NEW C ITALIA‘s path.


New generation memory

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Spiral micro-fibre filaments

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Micro-capsules of visco latex

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It is a new, original and patented formulation of the polymeric structure of the base material, able to guarantee maximum stability over time and excellent non-deformability, for a comfortable and long-lasting use.

The industrial process consists in sucking microfibre filaments, inserting them in a vortex of high temperature air that gives each element a circular shape, to guarantee incomparable softness and resilience.

The material with a long chain structure is made up of drops obtained by percolation of the base polymers, which are minced into microcapsules and subsequently joined to virgin polyester fiber, in a soft mixture.


Innovation means quality assurance.

Specifically, the investment of NEW C ITALIA in research and development is concentrated in three different areas:

  • Specific product design and prototyping, which concerns both the ergonomic and health aspects and the use and synthesis of innovative materials, so as to create particular product lines and new certificates for exclusive use.
  • Improvement of production processes and industrialization. In particular, with the insertion of machinery and tools able to reduce the producer / consumer transition, in a perfect result between product quality and production capacity.
  • Market research, which allows to assess the most real requirement of the end user and to respond promptly to the request of the general public.


The ideal pillow for a deep and healthy sleep

Keeping away the most common allergens to permit sleep without apnoea and breathing disorders is the criterion guiding us in our design for this line’s products.

Hygiene and health with natural systems

Traditional treatments based on natural elements are the reference term for the design of these products, as they are traceable to the Galenic tradition world, typical of pharmacies of the past.

Qualità e ricchezza dei materiali

Tutti i prodotti di questa linea sono realizzati con materie prime di alta qualità e la manifattura è eseguita con cura e precisione quasi maniacale.

Safety, quality and convenience

Safe, functional and luxurious is how to describe the products decorating this brand. Along with in-depth research into selected materials, the total absence of agents not suitable for children (such as Cadmium, Antimony and Pcp) is guaranteed. Memella products rightfully fall into the “Oeko-tex1” category.


Moreover, all NEW C ITALIA products are designed with the utmost respect for ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION rules, because human health is closely related to the health of the environment.