9 May 2017

A series of products made in Memory from our DIXELL production. Studied and tested with patience over several months to obtain very valid articles in assisting the recovery of aching or inflamed body parts. Three magical panacea to which soon will be added “GAMBALEGGERA” (LIGHT LEG) intended to give relief to suffering legs.

This is the series of three magical panacea made of DIXELL Memory with extended shape memory:

  • CREW NECK, a support for the head and a relief for the cervical. Lightweight soft and easy to carry, helps for at home and on longer trips.
  • LUMBAR, support for the back and relief for the lumbar area. Equipped with a robust elastic with velcro that allows use on car seats and house or office chairs.
  • ½ CYLINDER, an omnibus support and relief for the different parts of the body. It adapts easily to raising your feet, to the recess of the knees and various other solutions.